• From which agency can I receive the Total Disability Benefit or Carer's Benefit?

    These benefits are provided by the Social Security Fund each insured individual is registered with.

  • How do I know whether I am entitled to receive these benefits?

    The beneficiaries are: 

    1. Blind old age pensioners.
    2. Death pension recipients (indirectly insured members).
    3. Disability pension recipients.

    To be eligible to receive the Carer’s Benefit, insured individuals must have a disability rate of at least 80% or more and be in need of a carer, as assessed by the Committee of a Disability Certification Centre. For this reason, reports issued by treating physicians should include this wording: “assistance from a carer is required.”

  • What are the requirements in order to receive an extra-institutional, paraplegia or quadriplegia benefit?

    You have to belong in one of the following categories, for which the prerequisites are provided.

    – Pensioners and family members who suffer from paraplegia – quadriplegia, diplegia, triplegia, paraparesis, quadriparesis, with a disability at 67% or over.

    Insurance requirements: None

    – Insured individuals who suffer from paraplegia – quadriplegia, diplegia, triplegia, paraparesis, quadriparesis, with a disability rate of 67% or more.

    Social Insurance Institute (IKA) Insurance requirements

    Α) At least 350 days of coverage within the last four years prior to the year the disability was confirmed, of which 50 days during the previous year or 11,000 working days, regardless of time.

    – Members of the insured individual’s family who suffer from paraplegia – quadriplegia, diplegia, triplegia, paraparesis, quadriparesis, with a disability rate of 67% or more.

    Insurance requirements: Insured individuals should meet the following prerequisites:

    Α) At least 350 days of coverage within the last four years prior to the year when they submitted the relevant application, of which 50 days during the next year or 15-month period or Β) 1,000 working days regardless of time.


    Extra-institutional benefit corresponding to 20 times the daily wage of an unskilled worker. IKA

    Note: The benefits are not provided if the beneficiary is hospitalised in an institution of asylum status.

  • Am I entitled to receive a Nutrition Allowance?

    This allowance is provided to insured individuals who have undergone transplant surgery (solid organ and bone marrow) as well as terminal kidney patients on dialysis.

    Provided by the district. No opinion is required by the Disability Certification Centre  committee. Individuals who have undergone transplant surgery should obtain a medical certificate from the transplant centre where the procedure was carried out. Kidney patients should obtain a medical certificate from the relevant hospital.

    Relevant documents: Sheet number 1591 ΤΒ August 2009 Integrated Health Care Regulation pages 20192, 20193: (provision of nutrition allowance for kidney patients to aliens and aliens of Greek descent.)

    Sheet number 1239 ΤΒ April 2012 pages 19749 and 19750 (extension and amendment to the provision of nutrition allowance for kidney patients.)

  • Am I entitled to receive an Aerotherapy Allowance?

    According to Article 16, Page 46,374 of the Integrated Health Care Regulation, Government Gazette Issue3054/B/11/2012

    PROVISION: To insured individuals registered with a Social Security Fund, who suffer from tuberculosis, lung cancer or pneumoconiosis, end-stage chronic kidney failure (on dialysis, peritoneal dialysis or having undergone kidney transplant surgery), as well as those who have undergone lung, heart or liver transplant surgery and those who suffer from lung disease, with a disability rate of 67% due to lung disease, from June 1 until August 31.

    The allowance shall be granted once the insured individual has provided the following supporting documents:

    1. a) A Solemn Statement according to Law 1599/1986, stating that they have not received in the past, and will not receive in the future, any allowance from any another Social Security Fund, Public Office etc. and that they have not been hospitalised (either in a public or private hospital) for a period of over (46) days, from June 1 until August 31 and
    2. b) A report issued by a hospital doctor (a hospital in the form of a non-profit Private Legal Entity, and contracted clinics) of a relevant specialty, which verifies their health status during the aforementioned period.

    It is noted that insured individuals who suffer from lung disease should additionally submit the Decision issued by a Healthcare committee or the Disability Certification Centre, where the disability rate due to lung disease should be confirmed.

    The allowance amount is set to 200 Euros.

    In addition to Article 23 of the above Regulation, it is noted that the right to RECEIVE benefits mentioned in the current Integrated Health Care Regulation lapse one year after the insured individual is born.

  • I am not insured by any Social Security Fund and I have been assigned a disability rate of 67%. Can I receive a Severe Disability Allowance? If so, which agency provides it?

    The allowance is provided by the Social Welfare Fund and the supporting documents should be submitted to the respective office at each municipality. Beneficiaries are uninsured or indirectly insured individuals with a disability rate of 67% or more, as assessed by the Disability Certification Centre; prospective beneficiaries must meet the following requirements:

    1. Indirectly insured spouses (insured as relatives of a living spouse) who do not receive financial aid for their disability from any other source. Indirectly insured spouses receiving their deceased spouse’s pension are considered directly insured, therefore they are not eligible.
    2. Indirectly insured children (protected members), who do not receive a disability financial aid higher than the Severe Disability Allowance.
    3. Children who receive a pension, due to the death of a parent, which is lower than or equal to the Severe Disability Allowance.
    4. Directly insured individuals who do not meet the insurance requirements to receive a PENSION from their fund (including those who owe money to their funds.)
    5. Uninsured individuals – holders of a poverty booklet.
    6. Uninsured elderly individuals registered with the Agricultural Insurance Organization (OGA).



    2Original Medical Report by the First Degree Healthcare Committee (Disability Certification Centre) with a disability rate of 67% or more.
    3Proof of submission of the application requesting assessment by the Healthcare Committee of the Disability Certification Centre.

    Important notice! New prospective beneficiaries should indicate the following at the end of their application:

    I hereby submit proof of submission of the application requesting assessment by the Healthcare Committee of the Disability Certification Centre, so that their decision can be taken into account; said decision will be effective retrospectively from the application submission date, regardless of a later issuance date. I solemnly declare that I will submit the decision as soon as I receive it.

    Therefore, prospective beneficiaries should submit all supporting documents, receive a registration number and leave the submission of the decision issued by the committee of the Disability Certification Centre pending. This is deemed necessary, because welfare benefits are paid retrospectively from the date of submission of the application to the Social Welfare Fund. For the same reason, it is advised that the date of submission to the Social Welfare Fund should be the same or at least no later than the date of submission to the Disability Certification Centre.

    4Certificate from a Social Security Fund (Social Insurance Institute, Social Security Organisation for the Self-Employed, Agricultural Insurance Organization, Traders' Insurance Fund, Seamen's Pension Fund) that the individual is not covered; in case they are, the certificate should also state that they meet the requirements to RECEIVE a disability or old age pension; if not, the certificate should include the relevant justification;
    5For uninsured elderly individuals registered with the Agricultural Insurance Organization, the pension coupon is required;
    6Photocopies of the health booklet (the page containing the photo and the page of last validation), as well as the original booklet;
    7Photocopy of the beneficiary’s or Collection Officer’s (when beneficiary is a minor) ID card, as well as the original ID card;
    8Photocopy of the Tax Return form or solemn statement validated by the Tax Office, in case the individual is not obliged to submit a Tax Return form or, in the case of minor children, the E1 Form;
    9Solemn Statement according to Law 1599/1986 stating the following:

    a) Permanent residence address;

    b) Members of the family;

    c) The financial aid provided will be used exclusively for the needs of the individual who will receive the benefit;

    d) The beneficiary must notify the competent authority of any changes, such as admission to a hospital or institution, change of address, retirement from a fund (due to disability, old age, widowhood or after death of a parent, etc.), benefit from another fund, employment;

    e) The beneficiary him/herself or another family member does not directly or indirectly receive a pension or other financial aid from any other source for the same medical condition.

    f) The beneficiary is uninsured, or indirectly insured, or insured without insurance requirements.

    - In case the beneficiary is a minor, a Solemn Statement according to Law 1599/1986 by one parent that he/she agrees that the benefit be received by the other spouse on behalf of the child, attested for signature authenticity. Also, the Social Security Number of the person authorised to collect.
    10Family status certificate issued by the Municipality or the Citizens' Service Centre ;
    11A photocopy of the Unemployment Card, if applicable;
    12Social Security Number ;
    13A photocopy of the specific page in the booklet which shows the bank account details of the Post Office Card and the first name of the beneficiary;
    14Spouse’s quarterly income;

    For your convenience, please find listed the addresses of Insurance Funds:

    Social Insurance Institute (IKA):
    87 Papadiamantopoulou Street, Athens & local IKA offices (Department of Pensions)

    Social Security Organisation for the Self-Employed (ΟΑΕΕ):
    18 Satovriandou Street, Athens & local OAEE offices

    Agricultural Insurance Organization:
    30 Patission Avenue, Athens (Department of Insurance Register)