In order to guarantee that the action “Dikaiomamou” fully functions and is as efficient as can be, we have ensured our collaboration with a team of volunteers legal counsels. The specialized training of the so called “Legal Advisors” but mainly, their ambition to offer their knowledge for free, are of great importance and help to our efforts, since we intend to offer assistance in legal issues through the site “Dikaiomamou” in a direct and efficient way.

More specifically, we have created the “GROUP OF LEGAL ADVISORS” in order to help the patients and their carers solve every day legal issues related with cancer. It is a fact that the bad psychological condition of the patients, their deficient information and the economic difficulties they may face constitute the main factors that do not allow them neither their carers get to know or even claim their rights towards the state.  This group aspires to bridge this gap.

Our legal advisors are always and anytime at the patients’ or their carers’ disposal; more analytically, the legal advisors contact the patient, listen carefully to his/her problem, receive all relevant information that is useful for its solution and extensively discuss the issue. Then, they indicate possible solutions and advice the patient on how to deal with the issue.

The patients may contact the team via email or even be physically present in our premises, in pre-arranged days and time.

We need to underline the following: our team functions in a consultative/advisory level ONLY. We do not substitute the work of an attorney, when necessary. Nevertheless, we refer to attorneys of the patient’s choice, if the advisors judge that recourse to Justice is indispensable.

Beyond this individualized approach, the “GROUP OF LEGAL ADVISORS” is responsible for the provision of general information to the patients and their carers.

Indicatively: a) we participate in speeches, conferences and workshops, organized by “Dikaiomamou” but also by third parties as well b) we organize scientific informative lectures in our premises so as to generally inform the people interested c) we publish articles and useful information d) we update the webpage with regard to legal issues

In the end, we legally support the aspirations of the action “Dikaiomamou” to improve the existing legislation or the practices of the administration. Our actions, mainly due to their collaborative character, strive to ensure better conditions for the patients and their rights. In this context, we think that the co-formation of the relevant legislative framework (via letters to the responsible entities or our participation in the consultation before the draft of bills for example) is of determinant importance. That is the job objective of the “GROUP OF LEGAL ADVISORS”.



Τhe team is entrusted with the provision of information to patients and carers concerning their rights because of their disease.

Answering of questions

The team may answer all queries of patients or carers that have to do with their everyday routine. For example, the team can give directions and advice concerning the handling of specific issues (ide bureaucratic, pharmaceutical etc.)

Contribution to the patient’s claims

When necessary, the team contributes in a substantial way to the compliance of the patients’ rights and/or the assertion of these rights.

Changes to prymary law

We intend to contribute to the improvement of the relative legislation through interventions, active participation in the consultation of bills etc.

Anastasia Ath. Rigas

Appellate Attorney
MSc Criminal Law
MSc International Private Law
Mob: 6982717814

Theano H. Dalla

Attorney at law
Attorney at law
LL.M Public Law
Mob: 6973517815

Maria I. Skordili

Lawyer - Mediator
LL.M. Information Technology & Commercial Law (University of Southampton)
Diploma in Negotiations, Athens University of Economics and Business

Contact with our legal department

Call at the following phone number 210 64 68 222
Email us at the following email address:
Every Monday from 19.00 till 21.00 in our premises (34, Farantaton Str., 4th floor)