What is the legal framework for the distribution of medicines?;

  • What is the legal framework for the distribution of medicines?
    1. For non-hospitalised patients (outpatients), medicines are distributed only through private pharmacies. There are three exceptions to this:

    Α. Medicines for exclusive hospital use (Par.1, Art.11, Ministerial Decision 3457/16/01/2014)

    Β. Medicines which may be initially administered in a hospital environment, then continued outside the hospital (Par. 2, Ar.11, Ministerial Decision 3457/16/01/2014)

    1. Medicines which will continue to be administered by EOPYY as well as by private pharmacies.
    2. Holders of a poverty booklet are eligible for free hospital, medical and pharmaceutical care, and they receive their medicines from the pharmacies of the hospitals where they are treated.


    Paraclinical tests with EOPYY Government Gazette 2456/3-11-2011) are free,

    1. IF carried out within the network of PEDY, ESY, or Military Hospitals.
    2. For tests carried out outside the PEDY or ESY network, in EOPYY-contracted diagnostic centres, beneficiaries must pay a contribution of 15% based on state tariffs instead of insurance fund compensation.
    3. If the amount is paid in whole by the beneficiary, no compensation may be claimed from the Organisation.

    No compensation can be claimed for tests carried out in non EOPYY-contracted laboratories and tests without proper costing.
    Inspection by a medical inspector is not necessary for electronically prescribed tests, though it is necessary for tests prescribed in handwriting if the relevant cost is higher than €100. In this case, beneficiaries must address their insurance fund medical inspectors, or any medical inspector within the network of EOPYY insurance funds.
    With regard to consumables, a handwritten prescription is required (different contribution percentages apply according to the type of consumables or the specific disease, therefore each patient is a unique case in this respect)


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