Social Worker

The Presidential Decree 50/89 officially safeguards the job objective of the social worker in our country, where the social workers independently or in collaboration with other scientists, aim at:

-the prevention and treatment of the social problems

-the improvement of the quality of life and the social functionality of certain individuals and teams through the realization of institutional changes in the community.

The interventions of the social worker may help the patient concretely strengthen his/her existing skills through exploiting the network of social-supporting structures and programs


The social worker deals with the social problems of the patients which are directly related with their health condition by mobilizing the sources of help of the community.

Realization of social studies

Psycho-social diagnostic estimation according to the social, economic, environmental data of each case aiming at the most effective intervention for rehabilitation

Improvement of quality of life

Mobilization of the patients and their environment aiming at the improvement of their quality of life and their social functionality.

What is the job objective of a social worker?

Social Work is a humanitarian profession that diversifies from the rest humanitarian professions in that it focuses on the individual and its environment as well. According to the definition of the International Union of Social Workers, Social Work promotes social change, the solving of interpersonal problems, the strengthening and release of the individuals to intensify their social prosperity. The terms of Social Justice and Human Rights are determinant factors for social change. These terms also prevail the Code of Conduct of this profession, as defined by the Association of Social Workers in Greece. (pdf)

More concretely, a Social Worker accomplishes the following:

-realization of social or psycho-social study, where necessary, of the individual case, the team or the community that needs his/her intervention

-configuration of a diagnosis, individually or in collaboration with other scientists, of the problem detected

-draft and implementation of an action plan and relative actions that focus on the management of a certain situation

-consulting on management of socio-medical problems, investigation of insurance coverage, information on the procedures of disability attestation, welfare and insurance provisions or provisions of social care

-information and support of the patients and their families, regarding to their rights, during the diagnosis, the treatment and the evolution of the disease

-liaison with the Voluntary Service of Solitary Patients’ Support that are currently hospitalized

-collaboration and liaison with the sources and the atypical supportive networks of the community (public or voluntary entities)

-referral to entities and services in charge (Social Services of Boroughs, Programs “Hospice at Home”, Centers of Physiatric Rehabilitation, Units of Recovery from Addiction, Centers of Immigrant and Refugee Support, Public Prosecution, Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance Centers, Support Cancer Patients & HIV Centers)

Legislative Framework for the Practice of Social Work in Greece:

  • Definition of the professional rights of the graduates of the Department of Social Work (Presidential Decree, number 50, Bulletin of the State N. 23, Issue A, pages 346-347)(pdf).
  • On the Definition of the Job Objective of Social Workers (Presidential Decree, N. 891, Bulletin of the State N. 213, Issue A, 7.12.1998, pages 2005-2007)
  • Code of Conduct for the Profession of Social Workers, as defined by the Greek Union of Social Workers.(pdf).


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